Phillip Barengolts Partner
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  • Harvard Law School (J.D., 2001)
  • Brown University (Sc.B., magna cum laude, 1998)

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Phillip Barengolts

''I don't know what we would have done without your help. Your [clearance] work has given us a lot of confidence moving [forward].''

Christopher Lucas
Producer, Fiege Films

''Barengolts...pick[s] up impressive volumes of peer recommendations...for his 'leadership abilities and substantive expertise...''

World Trademark Review, 2016

Phil Barengolts has centered his legal career on protecting and building brands. A 2001 graduate of Harvard Law School, he began his life in the Soviet Union, immigrating to the United States with his parents when he was five. From a society with virtually no brands, to growing up in a society with tens of thousands of brands, Phil embraced the concept of brands as the growth propellant of companies.

An attorney with first chair trial experience, Phil has litigated throughout the country on behalf of major brand owners, such as PepsiCo and Bayer, to defend their brands against infringement.

“Brands and reputations are so fundamentally important to companies,” he says, “especially in current market conditions. I can see the real value we can bring to a company’s reputation in the marketplace, whether defending the brand against infringement or building it through proper strategic planning.”

In addition to litigation, he’s resolved disputes through alternative dispute resolution and counseled clients in all aspects of brand protection, acquisition/divestiture and development, such as trademark, trade dress, unfair competition, copyright, anti-counterfeiting, and advertising law. He has also developed a specific focus in Internet and e-commerce areas.

Phil graduated from Brown University magna cum laude in 1998, after serving as captain of the school’s volleyball team. He was, true to his instincts and future work, a defensive specialist.

An avid history buff, he has traveled widely, particularly in Europe and the Middle East, to visit the places that have had significant impacts on Western culture. “I like to know the origin of things, to see how various societies shaped the thoughts and ideas that have come down to us in the form of laws and cultural markings.”

He has worked with many other clients in a broad range of industries, including automobiles, consumer products such as apparel, toys and computer hardware, education, media, food and beverage, energy, health care, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, software, services and telecommunications.

He is an enthusiastic sports fan, but his chief hobby is his children. “There’s no way to adequately measure the satisfaction of being with your children,” he says. “Whether going to the park with them, running around the yard, or just reading together, it’s what makes life beautiful for me.”