Case Study: Solo Practitioner Doubles New Client Retention with SEO & PPC

A solo practitioner was able to double the number of new monthly retained clients in less than 6 months through a strategic digital marketing strategy implemented by FORWARD marketing. The firm was skeptical about internet marketing, but decided to invest in our strategy after understanding our process and seeing the results we had generated for other law firms in all different areas of practice.  After completing a website re-design that gave the firm a clean, fresh and modern look, we implemented a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program designed to improve search engine rankings over time.  In only a few short months we have seen an improvement in their organic placement on Google which has resulted in a significant increase in relevant traffic.  Below you will see this firm’s organic traffic at the time of the launch of the new website was pretty modest with only 161 organic visitors the 30 days prior to launching the new website and SEO program according to their Google analytics. After optimizing the site for a few short months we started to see increased organic traffic and between months four and six of the campaign, the site’s organic traffic increased 184% to an average of 457.33 organic visitors per month! According to the firm, this has directly impacted the number of inbound inquiries the firm is seeing and has helped double the amount of retained clients each month. 

Family Law Firm Increase Organic Traffic Through SEO

Although we have been very successful optimizing their site to improve relevant website traffic to the firm in only a few months, we simultaneously launched a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program that gave the practice immediate exposure that drove website traffic and leads right off the bat. Over a 30 day span, you’ll notice the PPC campaign has generated 129 additional website visitors, 114 of those being unique:

PPC Results of a Divorce Lawyer

From those 129 visitors we tracked a total of 47 unique phone calls (36% conversion rate), which based on our client’s feedback resulted in 9 new clients for the practice. 

PPC Calls for a Divorce & Family Law Firm


FORWARD marketing has helped law firms of all practice areas nationwide increase inbound leads and caseload through strategic digital marketing.  Over the next two weeks we will be offering FREE SEO Audit reports and consultations.  These comprehensive reports and our analysis will give you an in-depth understanding of what you are doing well online, where your areas of opportunity lie, how you stack up against your direct competitors and much more.  Contact us today by speaking to a live chat representative at the bottom of your screen or by calling us at (888) 590-9687 to speak with an experienced Law Firm Marketing Specialist.   

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