Google AdWords Launches Responsive Ads

The Blog was Posted on Jul 10 2018 by admin
Google AdWords, the largest digital marketing service, has finally launched the much-anticipated responsive ads. Now, you can set up one ad using Google AdWords with multiple headlines and two different sets of descriptions. In contrast with non-responsive ads, Google will have multiple versions of the same advertisement message which it will use in different combinations […]

What Can Videos Do for My Law Firm’s Website?

The Blog was Posted on Jun 07 2018 by admin
In the contemporary digital age, the rules of marketing have changed entirely. Prior to the age of smartphones and broadband internet, people were interested in reading printed material. With the advancement in technology, the attention span of the most target audiences has diminished immensely. According to digital marketing experts, videos are the most engaging form […]

Should My Law Firm Run Facebook Ads?

The Blog was Posted on May 03 2018 by admin
Facebook currently has over 2.2 billion users globally, over 220 million of which reside in the United States alone. With almost two-thirds of the American population active on the social media platform, it makes it a dynamic place to market your business. Law firms, like any other organization, need to market themselves to succeed in […]

Case Study: Small Law Firm Doubles New Client Retention with SEO & PPC

The Blog was Posted on Apr 18 2018 by admin
A small law firm was able to double the number of new monthly retained clients through a strategic digital marketing strategy implemented by FORWARD marketing. The firm was skeptical about internet marketing, but decided to invest in our strategy after understanding our process and seeing the results we had generated for other law firms in all different areas of practice.  After […]

Is My Site Optimized for Voice Search?

The Blog was Posted on Apr 11 2018 by admin
Building a solid digital presence has become quite necessary for law firms today in order to expand their clientele. If you have not made any changes to your page since 2010, chances are that your page might have an extremely low ranking and you might be missing out on a multitude of new clients. Law […]

Do Images Affect My Firm’s SEO?

The Blog was Posted on Mar 07 2018 by admin
A law firm’s website is one of the most potential business development and marketing tools that attorneys have at their disposal. However, having a business website is not enough. You must include search engine optimization (SEO) of your site in order to bring it on the first page of Google search results. SEO for lawyers requires […]

Is My Website Optimized for Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Update?

The Blog was Posted on Feb 15 2018 by admin
Google is allowing websites to rank the mobile versions of their websites through its services. The improved exposure on the search engine giant means that your websites will get high page ranks when people search for related terms from their mobile phones. This is often important for lawyers, as people generally perform an initial search […]

How Voice Search Optimization Can Help Your Law Firm

The Blog was Posted on Feb 01 2018 by admin
Google Voice Search Optimization There has been yet another shift in the tides of SEO. The advent of a number of effective voice searches has punched some holes in a number of legal website’s SEO, leaving them vulnerable to falling page rankings, declining traffic, and a corresponding drop in client conversions. Ad personal digital assistants […]

Essential Ranking Factors for Law Firms

The Blog was Posted on Jan 25 2018 by admin
Marketing that isn’t targeted is not usually effective. If your site isn’t getting as much traffic as you’d like, then it’s time to ask for professional help. To get your campaigns off to a good start, here’s a look at major ranking factors for local small and mid-sized law firms: Keywords matter Using the right […]

Does Social Media Help my Firm’s SEO?

The Blog was Posted on Jan 03 2018 by admin
Social media has taken the internet world by storm. Now, you cannot stay away from social media websites that often define the communal perspective. Law firms are realizing that they must give due attention to maintaining a strong presence on social media avenues. We believe that you can certainly improve your firm’s SEO prominence and […]