Does Social Media Help my Firm’s SEO?

The Blog was Posted on Jan 03 2018 by admin
Social media has taken the internet world by storm. Now, you cannot stay away from social media websites that often define the communal perspective. Law firms are realizing that they must give due attention to maintaining a strong presence on social media avenues. We believe that you can certainly improve your firm’s SEO prominence and […]

How Your Law Firm Can Benefit from a Remarketing Campaign

The Blog was Posted on Dec 07 2017 by admin
The ultimate goal of running a marketing campaign for your law firm is to attract potential clients and compel them to hire your attorneys. However, not all people who click on your ad or land on your website, contact your firm or fill out an online form to request an initial consultation on their first […]

Case Study: Solo Practitioner Doubles New Client Retention with SEO & PPC

The Blog was Posted on Nov 12 2017 by admin
A solo practitioner was able to double the number of new monthly retained clients in less than 6 months through a strategic digital marketing strategy implemented by FORWARD marketing. The firm was skeptical about internet marketing, but decided to invest in our strategy after understanding our process and seeing the results we had generated for other law firms in all different […]

Should Your Law Firm Solicit Reviews?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 08 2017 by admin
Law firms traditionally relied on word-of-mouth from their previous clients to get new ones through their doors. But in this digital age and cutthroat competition, it is difficult to stay competitive without opting for the modern way of word-of-mouth, i.e. online reviews. Over the past few years, online reviews have influenced the way people develop […]

Top Reasons for Producing Legal Videos

The Blog was Posted on Oct 04 2017 by admin
Video marketing has increased in demand by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. It is evident from the fact that YouTube has secured the number two spot as the largest internet search engine, as people are consuming video content more than ever […]

Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

The Blog was Posted on Sep 11 2017 by admin
It can be difficult to determine whether the virtual front of your law firm needs a makeover. On average, it takes about 3 to 7 years for a website to become outdated because trends shift quickly in the digital realm, especially when it comes to web designing. So how do you know if it is […]

Why Your Firm Should Avoid a Link Scheme

The Blog was Posted on Aug 08 2017 by admin
Staying in Google’s good books is essential when you are competing for the first page or top ranks, as it influences the ability of your law firm to be found online. The search engine giant rewards websites that stringently follow its guidelines and modify their practices as it introduces new rules through its algorithm updates. […]

The Importance of Web Security for Your Law Firm

The Blog was Posted on Jul 11 2017 by admin
Trust and confidentiality are the foundation of the legal profession. Whether it is the details of a client, firm correspondence, case specifics, or lead generation, people entrust their sensitive information to your law firm and expect to keep it confidential at all costs. However, with cyber-attacks on the rise, it has become critically important to […]

The Importance of a “Mobile-Friendly” Law Firm Website

The Blog was Posted on Jun 06 2017 by admin
With over half of internet users making search queries through their mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website for law firms is no longer an option. If your website has not been optimized for mobile, it is likely you are losing more potential clients than you can imagine. Here are a few facts to illustrate the […]

Is Managing a Blog Important for My Law Firm?

The Blog was Posted on May 01 2017 by admin
Blogging is the easiest way to add something new and fresh on your law firm’s website. News updates about recent changes in laws and your law firm, as well as topical articles, help you keep your clients informed and rank your website higher in SERPs. However, some lawyers think that blog maintenance is pointless, while […]