How to Respond to Negative Reviews of Your Law Firm

The Blog was Posted on Apr 03 2017 by admin
Getting reviews for your law firm is a great way for prospective clients to learn about your credibility and quality of legal services. It helps them gain confidence that you are the right attorney to handle their case. Unfortunately, all reviews you receive on Google and other internet profiles do not sing the praises of […]

SEO for Law Firms

The Blog was Posted on Mar 02 2017 by admin
Most attorneys think that just creating a website for their legal services will open doors to many opportunities and bring in new clients everyday. But soon their bubble bursts when they realize that their law firm website is not getting any traffic, let alone potential leads and prospective clients. Why are potential clients going to […]

Why Does My Firm Need a Social Media Presence?

The Blog was Posted on Feb 02 2017 by admin
Social media is a fantastic platform for solo practitioners and law firms to build their credibility, improve their brand awareness, and attract new clients. Several social media tools are available these days that can help attorneys discover the topics of interest and monitor the shifts in trends relevant to their target audience. This enables them […]

Are Google Call-Only Campaigns Better than PPC for Attorneys?

The Blog was Posted on Jan 03 2017 by admin
There isn’t much doubt in Google’s commitment towards mobile, especially after they made the big announcement last year about mobile-friendliness being a major search engine ranking factor. Before Google made the algorithm change, it introduced call-only campaigns geared towards getting mobile call conversions. This feature is great for people who know exactly what they want […]

What to Expect for Law Firm Marketing in 2017

The Blog was Posted on Dec 19 2016 by admin
As the end of 2016 approaches, it is a good time to review and start planning the marketing efforts of your law firm. Doing so will allow you to stay ahead of the curve from the very start. Marketing trends tend to change with people and their behavior online, which is why it is necessary […]

Why PPC Marketing Is So Important for Law Firms

The Blog was Posted on Dec 05 2016 by admin
As the number of solo practitioners and law firms grows in the market with each claiming to be the best, it is very important for you to enhance the visibility of your law firm online and make it standout to survive the cutthroat competition. One of the most effective ways to attract visitors and secure […]

Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical to Your Law Firm’s Success

The Blog was Posted on Nov 18 2016 by admin
Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical to Your Law Firm’s Success The days of creating a website for desktop users exclusively are long gone, and in today’s rapidly changing digital world, you would be making a mistake not to make your law firm’s website mobile-friendly. Within the last decade, mobile technologies have exploded in popularity […]

Law Firm Marketing Blog

The Blog was Posted on Oct 05 2016 by admin
Stay tuned for news on the latest trends in digital marketing for law firms…

Social Media and SEO

The Blog was Posted on Sep 16 2016 by admin
The fact is social media does have a big impact on SEO and your website’s organic rankings.  The hard part is establishing and maintaining a presence on social media in order to reap the benefits of seeing increased web traffic and leads from your efforts.   A little over 3 years ago at the end […]